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What is this Server about?

Startup Café is a Mastodon server for the tech and startup community. Wether you identify as a bootstrapper, indie dev, founder, maker, designer or simply as a developer, you're welcome on this server. This Mastodon server is meant as a replacement to Twitter for the tech community, as such we welcome everyone to register an account for their project/business or to promote their project/business, as long as you don't do it excessively. More information can be found in our Code Of Conduct.

Why Mastodon instead of Twitter?

Mastodon is open source and customisable, this allows us to tailor the server to the community with events, custom CSS, custom emojis and more. If you've got an idea on how to make this server better for everyone, please share it with us (@jarodpeachey or @bruce via DM). If you've an idea for a bot, you can get API keys in your settings , note that bots still have to adhere to the Code Of Conduct (specifically not spamming). If you're new to Mastodon, please check the FAQ, it will greatly help you transitioning from Twitter.


How can I send a DM to someone?

You won't find this option in the DM tab. To send a DM, click on someone's profile, then the three dots, and choose "Direct Message"

Can I cross-post to Twitter?

Yes, this is a great option to be active on both platforms, while our community is still growing. I recommend and have tested moa.party for a week, which is also open source. If there's enough demand I will host it specifically for startupcafe.xyz.

Do you keep backups?

We keep daily backups of the server (including the database), which are deleted after 7 days.

Will you ever run ads?

Currently the server is very cheap, if this Mastodon instance ends up being used by many other people we may consider offering other makers like you to advertise their project on this instance or take donations to cover the server costs. Though this will always be unobtrusive. There are no (and will never be) personalised ads here, as Mastodon is designed to be crowd-funded.

Do you have apps?

Mastodon provides excellent installable PWAs, but if you'd like to use a native one, there are plenty of free and open source Mastodon clients for desktop and mobile operating systems.

I have a different question

Please look in this guide for more extensive help (https://github.com/joyeusenoelle/GuideToMastodon). If you still need help, shoot us a DM (@bruce or @jarodpeachey).

Code of Conduct

Do's :

  • Spoilers for your favourite game/movie/TV show should be tagged with a content warning as such
  • Keep the majority of your posts on-topic (tech and startups)
  • Cross-posting with Twitter is allowed, if you regularly check your Mastodon account and engage with other users
  • Creating "brand accounts" for your project/startup is allowed, though it must adhere to all rules (in particular: don't post excessive advertising)


  • Don't post illegal or offensive content
  • Don't post excessive spam/advertising (you're welcome to show off what you're building, but you shouldn't be just "broadcasting")
  • Don't post NSFW or sensitive content
  • Don't spam